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I’m Back, Peeps!

I was going through my e-mail this morning, and saw that one of my favorite blogs, Jr. Deputy Accountant (Rated R), was back online after an extended absence.  This made me realize that I had left you, the gentle reader of this blog hanging.  Well, hang no more.  I’m back.

I’ve been very busy over the last few months, and won’t bore you with all of the details.  Some of the stuff I’ve been working on includes:

  • Analyzing the data from the 2nd Annual CPA Firm Operations and Technology Survey, including crunching most of the data and writing most of the copy.  This year’s survey included over 600 firms of all sizes.  I expect it to come out sometime around the middle of March.  (Watch out people, I have data to back up my rants now)
  • Writing a feature article on how the world of electronic payments is changing for the Tennessee CPA Journal.  I expect the article to end up in a number of other state CPA newsletters before the year is over.
  • Attended the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with my friend and mentor, Randy Johnston.  (We plot world domination together as a hobby)
  • Wrote three conference sessions for K2 Enterprises – an update on CPA Firm Technology, an overview presentation related to remote access (including some stuff comparing VDI vs RDS), and a third session on electronic payments.

I’ve also worked on too many writing and consulting projects to mention over the last few months.  2015 is picking up nicely, and I’m making the rounds to software vendors slowly this spring.  I’ve already been to Toronto, Atlanta, and have upcoming trips to San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle, and many other cities before teaching season kicks off in early May.

If you’re looking for my quick takes on tech news, just follow me on Twitter (@BFTCPA).