About CPA Technology Blog


Welcome!  My name is Brian Tankersley, and I created the site which has become CPATechBlog.com in 2004 so I could have conversations with people online about accounting technology.  When I started the blog, I was a veteran CPA, CPA firm technology manager, and consultant, and was frustrated at how many things I had to learn through trial and error related to accounting technology.  Over the years, my work has evolved to include consulting, speaking, and professional writing, including a stint as the technology editor of a major industry publication.  While my post frequency has gone down over time (principally because I now do a lot of paid writing for sites like CPA Practice Advisor and AccountingWeb.com), this blog is really where I got started, and I still use it to announce what I’ve done online.

If you have content which you would like for me to post on the blog, know that I’m pretty picky on what I post – so don’t be offended if I decline to post your article.  I don’t post click-through ads because I think they’re tacky, and I try out pretty much everything I write about, because vaporware is everywhere in our industry.  That having been said, if you have something you’d like me to consider or test, you can e-mail it to editor@cpatechblog.com.

I do evaluate new products often, and have worked with most of the major software publishers in the industry in one way or another.  If you have a new product you’d like to show me, please drop me a line explaining your product in a nutshell, and if interested, I’ll set up a time to look at what you’re doing.  I spend a lot of time evaluating new product offerings, and unless I’m buried in work, I’ll almost always take an hour meeting to receive a pitch from a product manager or entrepreneur.

You can contact me using the form below.