Tax Haiku, 2018 Edition

Kelly Phillips Erb, who covers tax for Forbes, and is the majordomo at is running her annual #TaxHaiku contest.  (Many of you, the gentle readers of this blog have seen some of my previous year entries here and here).  (Who knew that people who could do #taxes could also write poems?  I suppose it’s the torture our souls have endured during the long, long winters in front of monitors.)

My 2018 Contest Entries:


South Dakota and

WayFair at SCO-TUS Tuesday

Will we have to pay?


Extend ASAP, sir

Your government must receive

By Tuesday midnight


Itemizers this

Year may not itemize in

The upcoming year


Staff with CPA

Can take vacation next week

Others – study hard!


If you’d like to follow the contest, search for #TaxHaiku on Twitter.