Multiple Monitors!

Multiple Monitors are the way to go!

Here’s a cool monitor stand for four monitors….. Ergotron makes good gear from everything I’ve experienced and heard…. Now all I need is:

1. 4 24″ monitors.

2. A way to run 4 24″ monitors off of my laptop OR a nice dual quad core processor desktop with about 16GB of RAM and a tricked out four head video card…..

It’s the minor details in life that make things complicated….

I saw on the website that Dell is now pricing some of their discounted deals with TWO 22″ monitors…. entry level for the paperless office, but it’s nice to see that Dell understands that you need more screen real estate when you’re trying to kick the paper habit…  While people have been doing this for a while, it lets me know that the multi-monitor thing is going much more mainstream – especially since the Vostro line is targeted at home office users and small business users…. very interesting.

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One thought on “Multiple Monitors!”

  1. The one thing holding us all back from kicking the paper habit is the user interface, technology has not quite found the perfect replacement to printed paper. Multiple monitors help though!

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