QB Accountant’s Copy Issue with Importing Edits

Since today is March 14th, many of my friends who do predominately
taxes for a living are working away trying to get those client trial balances adjusted
so they can complete those last-minute C and S-Corp tax returns. If you’re one of those accountants who uses
the great functionality of the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks (and you know who you are), read on. If you aren’t using Accountant’s Copy (e.g.
you don’t have files with a file extension of QBX, QBY, and QBA in your
QuickBooks directory, please ignore this issue).

Here’s the issue:

systems using the QuickBooks 2008 Accountant’s Copy can sometimes fail to
import edits when converting data from a QBY to a QBW file (e.g. importing the
Accountant’s Change file into the client’s production QuickBooks file).
This happens only under certain circumstances (some examples below).  This
can be a very small problem if the accountant has made very few edits.
However, there is also the chance of losing large sets of data when an
accountant makes extensive edits. 

2008 Update Release 5, due March 13, 2008, addresses most of the existing
circumstances under which the above issue occurs.  However, we know that
not all ProAdvisors install all releases for many reasons (such as the extreme
workload compression we all experience this time of the year).

error may occur under the following circumstances on unpatched systems:

  •  If
    reconciled account names contain special characters
  •  If
    the accountant enters and then modifies a journal entry
  •  If
    the accountant modifies a deposit, then enters a new line
  • If
    the accountant enters an account number that duplicates a number that the
    client has entered while the accountant has the file

 Here’s what you
should do:

  1.  If you are using
    the Accountant’s Copy feature, you should download and install all available
    updates for QuickBooks 2008 as soon as possible.
  2. You should also
    advise your clients of the risks here, and pay extra attention to confirm that
    your client’s adjusted trial balance (e.g. after importing the QBY file)
    matches the values on the accountant’s final adjusted trial balance.

If you have
questions about this, please read Intuit KnowledgeBase Article #1009092
, or contact
Intuit support.