Question on Information Return Software

As many of you know, I also work with a site on CPA Firm Technology ( through my teaching with K2 Enterprises.  Today’s mail included the following message (name and location changed to protect the innocent).

Dear Brian:

I can’t find information return preparation software listed in your website software listing.  We are a  CPA firm preparing information returns for our clients.

Can you direct me to a spot on your website?

W-2less in Washington


Dear W-2less in Washington:

Most of the major write-up packages offer this functionality from within their product (e.g. Thomson Tax & Accounting’s Write Up CS, ProSystem fx Client Write Up, Intuit’s EZAcct), and all of the entry level solutions (QuickBooks, Office Accounting,Peachtree)offer 1099-MISC preparation and W-2 prep.  If you’re looking for after-the-fact payroll (and all that it entails, including 941 prep), look at the following products:

·         Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll Plus for Accountants

·         Intuit’s EZAcct

·         Thomson’s Write Up CS and Payroll CS

·         CCH’s ProSystem fx Write Up

·         Accountant’s / Accountant’s Relief

The best solution for forms I’ve run across is the Information Return System which comes with Intuit’s EZAcct product line, but I’m not sure if it’s still offered as a separate solution.  Click on (  for information about EZAcct. 

If all you’re looking to do with this application is print some forms, the above applications may be more than you really need. 

1.       Paycycle does a good job of preparing small business payroll , and has a separate service to prepare 1099’s  if you’re just doing a few here and a few there (max per company is 50), but they only offer the service during the January-February time frame.  You can learn more about them from  PayCycle also is offering a year of free payroll for your firm (up to 25 employees) and 90 days of free payroll for your clients.  (For more information, please visit )                                                                                       

2.       There are some online services which will prepare these returns in a web browser window.  One I’ve used (and been very pleased with) is  FileTaxes will even mail the printed forms to the recipients for you from their site as part of the charge for their service.  Other K2 team members have also used this application for either their own businesses or for the small business client who needs a few 1099’s prepared.  FileTaxes charges on a per-form basis, and is very reasonably priced.

3.       I’ve been using the software that I purchase with the 1099’s from Staples every year, but seem to have deleted it from my PC.  The application I’ve been using is published by Adams Business Forms, and is included when you buy a pack of 1099’s or W-2’s from your office supply store.  I do this very infrequently, so all I have is the printed reports and a data file from this year’s software, but next year, I’ll be able to import the data into their new software, enter the amounts for 2007, and print the reports easily. 

4.       The IRS has a list of software providers in this space on their site at,,id=100422,00.html

If I can be of further service, please drop me a line.  I hope to see you at a future K2 seminar.

Best regards, Brian