Backup Horror Stories for CPAs….

So there I was- listening to this week’s Security Now podcast on the plane- and about 12 minutes in, Steve (the host) starts talking about his hard drive testing and data recovery tool. (This tool is typically used after a drive has started giving trouble). Here’s the thumbnail-

CPA has old server.  In the middle of tax season, their server stops working due to drive failure.  Tech runs Spin Rite on the disks, recovers most of the data (which is of course not backed up), and then installs a new server after tax season.

I’ll probably play this in the CPA Firm Tech session in Des Moines – it’s a pretty scary scenario.  The other thing CPAs seem to harbor is an acute sense of denial about the need for backups.

Links are as follows:

When your browser completes loading the page, just search for CPA, and you can read the transcript directly.
Enjoy- BFT