Travel Schedule


My travel schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

11/15- Charlotte
11/20-21- New Orleans
11/22- Wichita, KS
11/26-27- Seattle
11/28- Spokane, WA
11/29- Travel back from West Coast
11/30- Nashville
12/3-5- Fargo, North Dakota
12/6- Travel/ Road work day
12/7- Indianapolis
12/8- Suburban DC
12/12- Greensboro, NC
12/14- Louisville, KY
12/15- Milwaukee, WI

A very frantic few weeks- and then we head into busy season, possible lifestyle changes, and a 2007 year with lots of teaching and fatherhood, as well as new tech. As such, Thursday and Friday are the only two weekdays (besides Thanksgiving and the day after) where I will be in town until the week of 12/18, and they’re loaded up with appointments already. Yikes!