2006 Top Ten Technologies Released

AICPA released its Top Ten Technologies for 2006 to its IT section members today.  For those not familiar with this competing Top Ten list, David Letterman isn’t involved in this one.  It’s an assessment of the technologies which the AICPA’s task force thinks will affect us all the most for 2006.  This seems to be a pretty good harbinger of things to come in our industry, so please look it over.  I have posted the list of the top ten items on my site – for definitions, honorable mention items, and other information on this essential list for CPA-Technologists, please visit the AICPA IT Community Website. 

Below is the list of Top 10
Technologies for 2006:

  1. Information
    Security (#1 for Fourth Year in a row!)
  1. Assurance and Compliance
    Applications (e.g. SOX 404, ERM) NEW
  1. Disaster and Business Continuity
  1. IT
    Governance NEW
  1. Privacy Management NEW
  1. Digital Identity and Authentication
  1. Wireless Technologies
  1. Application and Data Integration
  1. Paperless Digital Technologies
  2. Spyware Detection and Removal NEW