Microsoft Office Metadata: What you don’t see can hurt you

<p>Link: <a title=”Microsoft Office metadata: What you don’t see can hurt you” href=””>Microsoft Office metadata: What you don’t see can hurt you</a>.</p>
<p>Interesting article on the “hidden” data in your Word/Excel files. You may want to download the trial of Metadata Assistant from <a href=””>Payne Consulting Group</a> and see what you’re sending or receiving that may not have been intended by the sender…..</p>
<p>Of course, the nightmare scenario is leaving the changes in a set of financials so that any trial lawyer can recover the “hidden information” from your files. Or worse yet, when recycling a document for another client, disclosing a client’s confidential information to another client.</p>
<p>What is your CPA firm’s approach to dealing with metadata in MS Office files? What skeletons exist in your the closet of your electronic file cabinets? The sooner you analyze the situation, the more effectively you can manage this potential risk.</p>